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Bakery -  All Locations

At all Marie’s locations we are proud to offer a wide range of baked goods and deli products delivered daily.

Cookies, loaf cakes and tea buns all made at our Frecker Drive location are a delicious treat that can please anyone. Stop in to pick up your favorite!

Toast in the morning or sandwiches for lunch Marie’s has bread just for you.

Since 84’ Marie’s has proudly made our Home- style 3 bun white bread. Since then we have added other favorites such as our Whole Wheat, Multigrain and Molasses Raisin. “Touton” dough, a Newfoundland favorite is a staple in all stores, made from the same dough as our Home-style 3 Bun Bread.

Love your sandwiches? We have the bread for you, Bekker’s is made daily and comes in white and whole wheat.



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